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Afentra's Podcast November 2, 2012

Nov 2, 2012|

Buzz Briefs, Obama, Romney, Doctors, Kids, Pools, Headphones, Boom Boom Room, Boom Boom Dude, Sex Stories, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the alternative may sixth by the tragedy February and that's good morning remains -- fender to him and every day Danny is idiotic the mark is going to get copy. We get those states. Let's get a gallon don't stop giving Utecht. We will. Then bunch -- boom boom in the jayhawk room. I get this thing in my opening. Boom boom second and soon we're supposedly supposed to have yesterday get on Twitter. Yes. And it's crazy. Some sort of -- I'm not really sure why you're there boom boom you because his local. There is apparently. A picture of a cup wiring sensor bar and -- You downplay it. You doubt -- shame on you for downplaying -- shame on year well here's what's funny about that animated on the -- -- that's what it is tell you we have certain about what the Internet. Is going to redeem and that area is nothing in -- -- or. -- and apparently we -- five. These is awesome it is awesome is you know -- awesome for a meet and so many levels it's delicious on every level cell. And so many levels and we apparently have -- -- And -- man and he's been terribly respect. That's all I kept thinking. Boom boom boom boom she's. -- -- Was. Now was. Blocked it and sell a lot of good guys are. Anyway and they're fairly and sexism plays in the boom boom room and there are known as the boom boom couple. Boom boom guy named boo -- girl whereas the boom boom guy out here is mark around them boom boom guy up. That was Lawrence at the heart yes that was rock -- Jane are keeping it classy Lawrence. Irish hill beyond not her. When I'm mentioning here is she's deleted everything. And he claims at -- it's hard to know if it's really him. Because I've seen his pictures on FaceBook has seen the pictures of him having sex allegedly -- he's doing. It's got a good body man as the boom -- our -- little cut. He's so skinny term I can he is thin man tooth Ben Ali. Guys like that and you know what I think she's been to it in college or whatever last night things that the boom boom couple I finally understand what you meant by a he's too thin I -- here's -- -- -- you know he's looks like he just can't take care of himself even -- he takes -- himself was like man have a hamburger yeah. I'm sure that you keep you're strong or not really looks weak he's lit up you need you need burger -- Other things didn't this happen -- stadium parking go out there was someone there was a photo taken over the chiefs game and every detail the meaning ravens I believe I don't. Media -- it wasn't this year helped and I don't even know there was last year and yes there was a photo of someone and we are trying to figure out who they were. It may be -- gray had the -- Media pray something like that maybe yes it did happen. So we'll have a guy man. And we'll talk boom boom room but look -- will it. I know everybody's being ridiculous that people are being picky about why I'm back did you think about that I've had sex in public. Yeah I mean I would -- I think most of us have done something blow up close is upstairs a memorial hall considered him public. Where there are other people -- there was after everything was dying down these guys during the show nobody up there yeah that isn't public -- -- and -- closet somewhere in the dark area we over the balcony we're in that attic room. Yeah it doesn't count always in command there. They could have. I'm talking it was exciting it wise it gets except yes of course yes of course and gore is I master -- elements into the cylinder finish it became less exciting and more like work very -- Now I have had -- second public public yeah. Like shouldn't have been doing a public -- I could have been photos just think that's gonna end just like that is not at a bar is on. Ferry boat leg LL cool. Did -- -- -- public -- I just imagined you like guys like the group goes on vacation. If so we were TD the play is in nineteen I was in my teens of that I was in nineteenth. Saw -- -- everybody everybody and then I've also add more public sex. But more you know. Making cars are -- just a -- that -- -- dirty you know. I like nature. Think CNN woman's nature like been on the seat he could be or it's at. Publix at best. XP -- and that's exactly. I think the most public sexson has been moved Lopez. Primary means it's time out. Hey I don't understand why everybody's ears -- about it. I -- great epidemics. Or else I'm just -- there weren't more videos -- that's what I want and now. Who took and I wanna know what they were doing it here how many songs that what was playing probably one. Coming up hope -- -- one that he's you gotta have it does happen is blurs song to and he was ready to be done I act act. Tweet depicts the president -- it. As -- boom boom Kabul. And state -- a couple of. -- seeing ahead six an alarm parking not gonna Saturday afternoon a convertible Mercedes a little stock. I do think it's great to have -- win. Yeah. At this article is an island cool -- game where we see him in public. Our audio we want to I just pictured him having a lot of public they are PG he's walking -- street innocent girl and he's -- As she's does do it in and they just do it and they may continue -- I can't resist well we'll talk to have been removed we view them. I didn't reveal. People are pissed that they are figuring out who they were why they had six and another really sure that's a risky runs I think cell rain especially I guess you don't think it's going to be. In the Internet since the patient. Yeah okay so this is that's what am I was last all -- Ecstasy of ball. I'll world find out they have certainly drugs are not Kroll. I would imagine them. Due to this kind of stuff happen -- the time the boom rumor around I feel bad they got their pick taken -- doing anything neo. Well right I don't think so because I think the people have public sex and the people take pictures if they see it especially if there's a bunch of other. Young people with their cell phone cameras in the putting popped right. F four I had real. Lawrence CN such -- -- -- sounds Lauren -- Lauren seeing is how much would you say it. As far as sites. They're saying -- -- at flag real RNC and don't appreciate these assets. Okay loud and figuring are they giving -- a bad name. Well I -- I keep it classy boards we get answers -- but -- a -- Keep the class feet. Laura and I did say that. I love look. Boom -- couples. That was my favorite tweet last night. I don't know he's paying no idea it's in the book corporate. I love that to me so much I had an -- Hands down the best leader of the evening who that would did that I tweeted that whoever wasn't started following them was Portland's eighty -- squirrels -- -- -- -- as squirrels and tasty something like that -- mean super funny and just the best tweet about the boom -- -- of a -- out now is boom boom boom boom when I do who. In the bill yeah. I like you found a whole area he didn't like it and you can -- no lazy as to why this does that I learned that the honestly that's the best we let this guy easy girl whoever runs that web site this year you really made me think ally -- now a lot of -- that is pretty funny. I don't know his -- and we'll and I do it in the boomer does good timing for whoever is reading it very -- Probably retreated alive and well deserved helping -- start a million times. Then I pagan point the relates to the latest one was -- give up burden you read between the pictures and videos of you didn't get a job does not okay. What did -- job and break its. Owner is involved. Did we do she wasn't the only one there are people that mentality and second of all feature HR person. Nobody likes you know nobody likes you you know find a big highlight all you. I don't wanna work for a company that -- hire me because two people are banging in the boom boom room and -- -- out my camera and I take him to exert more sexiest or -- BA ya -- joke about manners I'm paying I'm not gonna work for company will let me celebrate the boom -- couple club sorry -- Thanks again. -- -- Like Q well according to the age are ruled garden if you were not supposed to do that. Pay people who worry. Treating Mac and and you know the pictures and by the way you lie Boleyn girl parent of videos. Haven't seen a video of sediment and boom -- cup ball uneasiness Elaine photos moved -- photos by the way and by the way nothing exciting going on those photos I feel safer work Lawrence -- nods and we're finding safer I knew everything everything is it where you think OTC forward. A -- have you pipe might bring these people down the -- unemployment will be faced with a decision could be -- -- -- -- are there is no picture of penis. There's a little side asked. -- s.'s announcement so this is safe for work now is now. I don't -- gases saved for most works right now. Now let's say from my work anyway. Safer my -- sit forever whereas not that you don't see -- young CAV she's fully clothed. And no man he didn't. I'm disappointed in Lawrence shutter bugs me you guys I'd -- where the photos I the first thing I -- -- yeah -- Cameron take a hijacking planes so that other girl. Throw people that three you Ricci about the Peruvian Coca is like giving it Shia. All right is 705. Here the alternative nice that is nice for example in my -- -- just being here. It's Friday. Only just common occurring here over west Larry -- to indicate how is Jack rob I don't think you'll be away. The -- trying to wake him up. I know he's like can we do this in the afternoon here and I mean this is there are no -- economic Gomorrah and yes. I. Wait till 830 attracted a boom boom guy. Now now my finish my recap -- from a week editor at. Well the beggar boys. I the other one matter. You lied to the Apollo lake packets. We'd end up like yeah. -- Allow me to counter the. Then I got no movement movement I don't know moment moment I still love it love it doesn't -- up. Anyway that's not. For the as he had no idea or talking about don't worry about his goal at the willow explained who had a boom boom guy is. Bull -- or in my Iowa hash tag boom boom hope our -- what's going around the world all right. A lot of is actually going on in the world really quickly I'd just like to play the story because they found it. Incredibly cute and it involves a child egg is what hate the kids' lives at the end of the story. That's why are tiny. Hole there will be over soon -- Please -- let -- have a -- it soon crybaby bottoms. Shot out. She's a child and she said that bronco Obama and Mitt Romney are still on. Just wants to get an -- I never see Carolina -- I agree with her I don't live in a swing state sound gaining commercials -- -- from. Colorado. Yet no wonder she hasn't seen -- there. Does she does big and that's made there then yeah there that -- not permanent tons of money in there. Pick a bit of room to you -- well bore myself dog catcher Craig Beatty bottoms beat up. Shot. Hey -- it is when he carried -- aren't getting it hasn't coincidence that I had about hurricanes they are. -- That's why can't I use. All rubio over soon -- be. Okay. Have you received an okay. -- Can be shut your mouth. And it's rough out they're American armada in Miami -- said that. Yesterday I wasn't privy to -- them but for whatever reason was they ever score Arizona rational -- Hamas people I don't why does that. So I'm Rush Limbaugh Seinfeld and I'll listen Medicaid and then and Barack Obama on knowing disarm Iraq. And -- that jurors as a rule on his eyes in the back if they. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's on a Mitt Romney he's gonna steal from huge hit that the it is. Let people in the kids perceptive. -- Malone. Limo. So there's deputies there -- several hours so we pick a story that's not three days so old. -- -- Okay that the tech fine how -- the battleground state. -- battleground state Colorado. Are we going to be these people today on the text line yeah and he's today's -- like its -- is this what we're gonna do we're trying to -- historian boom couple. That's not to read. Three days so. You sold three days so it is sold. As well we're gonna do today and here's Zack -- as much as they care about Ohio because I don't Florida takes on I don't give a. But what is your question as a society to look at what Ohio has given us they've given -- Cleveland and Columbus Iraq and stopping it. Am Florida has given us every story that's ever come out of Florida. How did these two states become the most -- -- why -- why do we let Ohio -- the future president Ohio is that nothing approved in its lifetime that it deserves to not even be able to pick the issues it is going to -- the next -- much -- the future president. Ohio -- Obama Barack Obama bronco bronco course I should've known she is from Denver Barack Obama. Icy and it's a term of endearment and maybe I'm not -- -- in Newton -- to Europe ticket Sheen going to order nor feel pretty good about yourself I was like kids my kids and say. Not -- it's gonna happen. -- deputies did during a several hour -- found 25 registered sex offenders handing out pat -- and even children. Authorities of the -- Geddes shares sex offenders up -- decision for as medium endured tour Wednesday night. Baer bank of brides and sex offenders are reportedly living in. Pilots these -- -- in Jackson had -- and 37 checks three people were arrested for outstanding warrants they're making sure they were abiding by the law abiding by probation parole guidelines. I assume that means they were handing out candy. Are they checking. I -- wow. And what do you think there's differing degrees that probation officer that I. There's different kinds this sex offender doesn't mean their patter as as we immediately think -- asked. I we -- we didn't fix this whole thing -- because when it not all are cataract is that. Some people get you know if you -- any of sixes sixty year old I I I I think that's kind of audit but. But I think that -- like they did give them the the human body was meant to breed at that point and I think that -- be thorough guy in jail for thirty years labeled a sex offender for doing that it's a little extreme. -- -- I. Think you should they should clarify. What they what kind there are. Like you asked during like -- -- don't get a sub category. I got a guy like -- they have cataracts. Yes Nokia -- Her he can't give out preview resident you know -- a year better as a hearing day in town that is it what you do these kids. And year hand -- I think. Ya -- and that's on the probation officer can come meridor -- and got a good idea. But if you're a different. Sex offender. I think there need to be sub categories and Nissan sex offender. Robert as John we need to shrink this sex offenders. I went back I mean they were tackler in the six vintage I think that day. It website where you could see where they live there like little -- Aaron that terrifying with a Christine incidental as about it remember we Google hit a really good -- -- -- are busy or they're trying to get the boom boom down our I think. Beware you may find sex offenders mirror area coup that to mean website for that we'll check mine in Danny's neighborhood. This kind of seems like a bad idea I know you're never has Barbara -- -- via their across the street from school. Here's the thing that that -- degrees noses like -- -- I have a conversation because it's so like. Politically dangerous to say hey maybe we shouldn't label that 23 year old kid a sex offender for the rest of -- because there is that. Trying to do it he was trying to do he's probably been trying different if your authority need any bang an eight year old usually go to jail for the rest your life there shouldn't be a sex offender -- you should just go to jail that's it it that's it. Go to jail. It's not hard. If -- bad enough you need to be -- list you shouldn't be in the streets. End of story you can't be rehabilitated sorry. I urination public Patel a sex offender last summer I bats yet it definitely need sex categories in the air masturbating you -- -- now. Between you analyze sorry that you should probably try that but then there was that one guy who can sit who that the story from last week the guy who pulled his. That's out and -- the top Kasikov that why you masturbating a CVS parking lot and had was -- jockey stream in the toxic -- -- he thought perhaps not backpack. -- the cubs had. By the way that would have been an excited utterance and the cops said. The cops said show me -- nuts and here's like here are mine not simulate looks like looks like you have. Dockets all right continue on. Good citizens think why it was so he went to CBS got that jacket payment plan and are just wait we're home -- was it seems a very good stuff -- seats. Just wait you have never had what I did enough to get no media you have never had jock it's -- did -- CVS parking not rubbing jackets could be writing your job done it. I've done I have run into CBS my -- -- so Ballantine a -- I -- I say this story ran into CVS ramp to the car. Really -- might paint saw and just started its brain that's an -- I would direct kid and it's how effective is expected today I think come on man -- is -- is a cracked your skin. And it's irritated. God. Oh yeah I wonder if the boom -- couple or -- They wish he had a sex offender list. -- That's gonna happen all morning. Our app that you periodically hear lots of boom -- on this probably gives way now probably after this. Dead. Ones were during whoever yeah. Let's see came across the plan -- across a house in the slander and said no please. Capital -- -- I immediately label them matter rats yeah. -- -- -- It hit it hit a great minds -- about I. When you ligament. When you go on lowering it legal ring. I've done it two in the parking lot of people like to put junk in our. Some honored John gonna per mile yeah you got to today it's stats that relief it's right there in front of you -- and you just got to take advantage of it yet keep in public and you get a sense of Federalist -- via subcategory for that period Liza had to be list on the sex offender. I don't know that happiness out of the other look I have tedious who'll have to do is they're both feel about sex all time you know easy theater where it's OK you don't see a squat then PM. Yes I did not as. As much used and got hey guys bought right his girl did you rivers of Europe and that's what I -- you -- today. Repeal a law because you. What you guys just need to -- more -- -- she's occurring all right in 5 this morning. I hate to go back to the election but is only a matter of time before and in these stories happens and it's only a matter of time before it happening Kansas City and lo and behold. The drama gods were good to us ladies and gentlemen a woman who refuse. Gynecological. Services. Because she is not a Romney voter. At ten with the election less than a week away now one Kansas City woman says it can't be over soon enough. As he contacted us after claiming her doctor refused to treat her because of who she's not voting for. Yet they both agreed there was a discussion about a political sign hanging inside the doctor's office they disagree. On how it ended the patient tells us -- doctor escorted her out after she told them she wasn't voting for his candidate for president. It. Think everybody is entitled to an opinion as a sculptor -- -- he's used to people being critical things I have history. But Monday's -- and our own opinion got her removed. From a gynecologist on. Definitely feel like I was being -- Mike says we she -- from the waiting room to see doctor Robert that her story it's glaring sign welcome deterred -- -- actually Mitt Romney and. As you can see this round me. I said life candidate and he said I won't servicing package. If they don't vote for Romney and I was like well I will be voting for President Obama he's like. Well I can't help keep it. -- says doctor -- -- proceeded to escort her out of the office. Wow now I'm not taking your money you're not buying vitamins -- you're just out here. You are out of here he will not be here again. You curry got the doctor -- they all refuse to go on camera but he told me over the phone. It is not true -- -- he didn't refuse her as a patient did. -- Made inappropriate comments about us. Why I didn't I didn't do any talking. After the confrontation lighten contacted her friend who is also a physician. Eat more troops that are promoting their. External corporate -- I think post positions are urged -- -- patient. He's then the good doctor. Four. More than a decade. It didn't just bought another doctor who -- you know what. Hopefully after elections -- take -- subtle -- Amman or adults rates grow up our minds -- lot I think we've lost our minds in this country and it's you know the scary thing is it's educated people like doctors that are the ones that are Ruth how many doctors have you seen -- heard on the news I never heard -- -- tiger having a sign they go -- -- to have to see I'm like shut down my -- -- -- Obama is addicted to -- no you won't you -- your 320000. Dollars a year justifying medicated by net BMW -- just -- -- -- -- that woman's vagina for Christ today is -- a good -- All it takes. Signs up I think we I'll lean one way or another but I don't I want everybody to listen I probably less politics stocking would be -- yes but. And not -- I don't -- in Dallas and if you're voting for Romney no I don't under any air. I'm not Father's Day and I don't get a we don't get neither we don't get that doesn't mean we don't have some common ground like I'll -- the boom boom golf ball. You know what I mean. You're slow on the boom boom take our there's got to be some sort of common ground Leon asked. I mean like Beckett is Diane -- right I'm saying that didn't happen. I think maybe. Did here's why I think is dead because I think it's odd -- doctored I have. Aside I saw blank in his office I think that's weird I think I think that takes it to an extreme -- make it we put aside your office you know you're doing your drawing a line. You're saying GAAP. I support is an -- didn't -- exactly like she said that I think something like that -- -- -- pretty glad -- excitement in the off why why is it doctor tired of patient about politics as is never gonna go well if you're good businessman plus or something in her vagina bits and hope like god you've got to Paul Ryan has met privately in the air I'd have to. Let's Joseph Biden doing it there magic underpants there. That. -- watched god. Died US to find sex offenders as well them. Speaking of what's in your. Go away if you're not doing a pelvic -- every tenth season -- the you do your -- Oakland streets. He's 65 the -- -- And of course Susan privilege. Would have been heroes. You don't believe Rick is she's a -- list and order. -- -- -- -- I don't believe it is she's an Obama supporter are I don't yeah I believe her because she. It's. -- -- -- -- -- sounds more safety and then doctor wouldn't come mine which is guilty to me that screams get help when you come. I bet they can match his term for this idea says hey did you do some things that other. How are tell us not I can't conduct hey -- had no comment. Or all this talk to you on the phone while -- talking points on the -- he would even allow his voice to be a line right now I don't hear you say it. That's guilty to me. Sorry. Why is one person I'm camera tying their story not the other if I will look -- they're offering it to hunt. They're offering an opportunity to tell his story is not taking a do you have a majority -- need. Crash didn't. His actions not her she's not there she's told her store she seems pretty calm he seems already aggressive. Come on don't you can't use my image. You can't use my voice. All give -- a statement only the other parties he's being busy honestly that's always gonna go away when he does saying that the story she's tally is true. It's true that if he'd come on camera to no absolutely not it's a misunderstanding. These didn't happen the way that she said it was it told as the day goes away instead now wanted to talk this guy. -- mark in the pizza cost him. Maybe draw a line and we'll never heard the guilty dog parks first text line big guilty -- don't make me start saying things -- sorry I believe that he had just a meltdown Niger Delta is. -- -- He didn't lose supplied it tonight it's there to -- to put them -- -- of -- -- okay. Okay all right. The silent river you should be scared of as the Greeks thing there. The silent river you should be scared there's the Spanish -- designated to say you -- being here repeat it. What is it -- add that the book am I give FO he's got al-Qaeda but did not know whether fantasy and other put on my desk he got older anti competitive and the dealers say. -- The silent river you should be afraid of does this we're -- says there raging river yeah see it's raging here do you you see you here that we don't know about the undercurrents in the -- about the silent river run and you don't know what's gonna still there are -- telling his Greek culture is a hole is just paranoid car okay now as Larry Larry and I -- here yeah yeah. To -- the -- like you know provides a dog has inspired. Thirty feet by the bush. Good -- All right it is 816. On the buzz big fat -- buzz center Danny -- We know. Coming up we're supposed to have the bill bill will guide you on the program. From the half. Hash tag -- them couple. That's expected. A. If you don't know -- that was we'll explain it there is Tom public sexism involved and photographs. -- -- -- you may know the long -- bumping Brian little boom boom room. Boom boom couple. Payment. Anyway. Anyway as -- -- the only inanimate or. That that sexy time public sex photos news and rock chalk jayhawk coming up here on the -- is -- Iraq. Yes the air was going on page here about the mission pulled dog nearby at a mission pool. You can go get working see anywhere in act and give people discussing the mission pool anyway ever right here -- 965 the buzz wears the -- why -- they have ever been immeasurable I've been to the Roland park often -- how that how is the Roland park pool. Simple it's a cool it's a -- Steve I spent much manager was literally spent and a little baby -- that's kind of a man yet -- the I go to the Prairie Village -- I'm nervous the -- I would tell you what they got people down there and at some nice stuff over the Prairie Village pool and -- can -- say now. What's that got to be a resident to go I -- pay the non resident I'm paying non resident there really are you can line you can put your insurance -- -- him. Either way you have to be Prairie Village residents. Gonna move to my mom's house. -- and it got down there is Gloria got that discount them Prairie Village full disk opportunity for a nominal -- where's that -- is just so I don't Johnson drive I generally I don't know where the mission or -- weighs. It's now okay that's different than it -- of that tomorrow when that's a private thing right. And I think it's right over here I think it's like -- mart where Johnson in between there somewhere around and you. I dishonest Dorian I'm -- in mainly -- I just thought we should talk about it. Because a dad to -- community. They won in new pool. But are they gonna pay for new pool apparently the -- 56 years old. Falling apart the pumps are rusted. Like getting into it you probably need a tetanus shots. And -- -- people are trying to you know get the awareness going before the election trying because it is going to cost some money surety and you flow to get into pool but some people don't want a new poll. Outside -- a community is now up for those you need is -- the whole point -- -- takes a village should we have community pools should we. I appreciate yes communal meeting point where I grabbed severe Perez is one pool all they shut it down all hey it's the job thin -- Yeah it didn't happen anymore so that's actually where those kids just get -- to go a bit further out and set -- like walking over here I mean -- going to work you can -- or whatever right now but I think it's sad when your city -- -- am appalled at what it's not OK I don't think you are right it is got to be there is right next to City -- he -- and -- the City -- OK I -- that there -- ice not about dynamic -- ago their looks so you know you shouldn't go because apparently the balls -- -- was cement. The pumping station is completely corroded and the fiberglass is exposed over wide portions of the water slide high hopes. My name and maintained you know an interesting question yeah probably did everything I -- maintained it keep unable and it's landing -- less than. Get a new import you know -- -- -- new polls on them this way I've just like getting your Christmas present this year you don't take care of the Christmas present I got to last year. Missing in this weekend are -- say it's not a nice poor. You I think at CNET. I think you can see the lifeguard stand from the road. SIP hi all I DMB down there right now and I think that lifeguard stand is made of nightmares and I think it looks like the iron throne I think it's -- look -- but -- Settles an Overland Park tube one that don't perform as well tired isn't -- prefer. Small but well I think at one point at some point nobody god knows -- -- and it cost them money cross in my maintaining cost of money -- -- and -- money you have people working environment -- I suspect all kinds of stuff yeah so people aren't going to the pool on. Then I know but I think over on park is a bigger city I think it's. But the second biggest city in campus in -- -- I'm targeting gets only smarter than Wichita. But it has like seven -- and they're gonna close some of them I thought or heard of people are fighting against that. Which still kind of -- does that feel like you know. But the other closings and account average -- stumbling at. -- they go to Hollywood pool that's probably what shut it down anyway as the one now -- eighth -- it unless you -- -- 103 that are sub I'm not sure what haven't followed -- haven't read up see which schools they are closing I just think it's sad and when a community we as a community like I mean every community should you have a president's -- meeting place it is in the pool. When he eighties Africa hot outside is -- not yeah grasping for everybody. I think -- -- now 1% problems. You know I think. 1% I don't think that's 1% I think more I grow up in a really pouring neighborhood and it would be and that was one and things Rihanna Wii console and went to Kennedy -- they shut it down -- made like a skate park. They just put cement -- This how would say in court it was sad it's and it. Deterioration. Of the community and you may appoint the right there you did point that out you're you're right -- kids would be that we don't want them we didn't know plus being in a porky and I don't know what -- Portland double the sales tax increase now that so one thing we had -- wasn't 1% now is quite the opposite 1% a community pull off. Well public pool is not one person since he -- Now I don't now I don't consider that the 1% and our media that's I had to eight -- if your kid and toys classes in a very dimension to the private place over there actually and -- take -- go swimming around their salaries were. Or harm. I just for reference it -- city Kansas has a 10%. Sales tax rate in Marion Kansas is currently at eight point 77 the proposal agrees that percentage to ten point zero. 5%. I'm with the attacks -- halfway around us put a lazy river through the talent. Yeah yeah -- hot. Going down and help on anything -- boom boom boom. I'm paced real question is busy suspending your Garland for one parking tea okay is excellent speaking of hair -- that -- -- -- -- to get the light rail. Don't go to reach out to a mayor Joseph Reardon of Kasey -- yesterday and I asked him if you'd be interested in named by states a light rail system. And he said. Absolutely I'd be open to it and be open to listening to it just is at -- from yesterday's like real cops thinking of real. I think you 100 senators have their own twelve S manager -- it and above ground pool is not that one was that a pound editor a lot of above ground pools and mission Kansas state of they -- first world problem. I guess yeah still that's where we -- you don't have any idea. No you don't live in Africa sorry -- -- -- pay that -- so therefore it is relevant to you or your problem that's where it used to get visual. I have no idea how to live in India -- -- -- -- the -- down I live here now this is what I -- and it would be -- -- -- to have a -- could be first third second or Third World whatever the problem is it's our problem right as that's where we -- this is our reality didn't. Not anyone else's no avenger you can't be upset about anything if somebody else is dealing with something harder some -- out of course people -- harder -- -- world problems of our heat there's not plotting getting the worst thing that has ever come off the Internet for indoor plumbing is yes other people have a -- unfortunately I don't live there. You and -- little -- cans. And you have to deal with perhaps maybe having import not having a reality yes it's not indoor plumbing not my area know you need to worry about getting rice. That's what you need we're -- that's that are real stuff there. Could be a Communist that's in me -- Conde -- guy I've I've done damn -- eight you -- -- of any kid on the economy depot and he is putting a pool in every city didn't call me any confidence. -- no we're gonna have fun in the water you commie bastards are. Tape this what I say I like I like this story a -- this is a good story I think -- -- -- in Africa Likud and it. I think -- tags or I'm USA and words to live back. I commented well -- 231 line Hamachi or to flag I like tin foil hats stories like these freak me out did you hear about the Afghans that have gone missing. In America afghanis Afghans fifteenth. -- Afghans when I mean I Afghan whigs I don't know. Afghanis I think -- -- they're analysts like military analysts and they've gone missing. After well just take no I go back home it'll take a listen to this. The FBI is searching this morning for two missing intelligence officials from Afghanistan. They disappeared one week ago. After visiting Washington and meeting with federal officials. Both men were taken a course at the marshals sent a program for advanced security studies. Senior correspondent John Mills a former assistant Director of National Intelligence he has taught classes at the marshals and John good morning. Good morning Charlie tell me who they are and and what they were about. Well we're talking about two individuals here one is major mode farouq Amezaga. And he is paid official of the ND as the national directorate of security. And Afghanistan. These to these guys from -- up heavy hitting probably more than likely spoke type people OK okay so there you -- to what check out our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some stuff about America he was in the Greek air force and he was in Washington DC for awhile eagle attorneys he did move back -- -- -- -- tonight. I'm outlook Obama goes you can't I don't name I'm I'm makes me uncomfortable. How hard I think of 100 how hard is it makes sense to me he got a lot of help active do you understand what's up what's so our next -- -- -- go to Afghanistan. But we do do that. And I was I was so they're headed towards the mission pool. A dazzle plays he probably won't -- -- and signaled a new identity though that there I just I. Unlike the FBI creating real dangerous people -- about -- injures people with fake bombs and stuff these two dudes I mean their Afghans but legal missing on an official trip to Washington DC. So you think it's just like an asylum thing I don't wanna go back to Afghanistan right I have seen. New York City I've seen Washington I am not going back to. Whatever it is I would go back to -- Afghanistan. You don't think it's more nefarious you know worried. At their terror we've got two people who else are now presumably in -- in the wind is they say now I'm okay. And -- is going Oprah release -- favorite things list. And it's nothing you can afford I mean I'm not kidding this is a loser show that goes -- -- -- eight you know I don't know if she's doing is all this free crap in -- ninety minute show to promote the list forget and I don't want even now you don't about. Yes I get a bike how I gonna get it. You could buy as she got now 7800 dollars people Garrett stuff for free she gets dementia that's a bunch -- crap is that crazy why don't you do -- favorite thing. I -- -- -- arms sales people can't figure that out and I've tried my god can we get some cool items and nobody like him we get a scooter. I think we get buttons but -- we're used to. -- -- As sleep every year return edited twelve date we did holidays the Christmas remember even so -- -- happen. We just resorted to do in my trips and -- staff you -- because that's a weeping day. So every year it came to me and three -- I and mention there and people didn't win it. -- is either for me it's for our listeners I mean I would even get wind -- Oprah -- all this -- around enough and well this -- -- -- -- I loved -- he gets beats by doctor brand I like the that is -- and I drank like a three hitter by two Israeli remarks and the cons. A lot for -- it is news is for you it's for than they are they good -- they're not. What -- if he did all the wake of a Sony and what are they affiliated with he can't just make a zone. Why not he's not to drag nine gas man's right concert and about a decade and it is earbuds are like 209 now I. Or does it topic. Suitor -- were eager brides a -- some kind constantly buying new but it's. I sold my bedroom so. I had. -- -- -- Yeah Carlos says it's a -- sweet elliptical on Oprah's favorite things. I'd like an elliptical highly elliptical to give away. Following that be nice yeah. She's also giving a major stroke in CD's so. Does it -- -- Josh Groban CD and these are her favorite things list Tom Ford beauty lipstick who I like that. I'm here that I like or any of -- -- box at the ninth. Yet if those six comes Fox's Emmy as I really expensive. And come forward to a glam studded high tops and -- thing that's up from nine finals since the end here that you like there Curtis stone kitchen solutions. Oil can I like that. I like that. I spent a lot and I want to hold off -- I go on like how long he's got into the high V commercials. -- bonded peaks series -- -- like I had. You knew the name. Back home to jam us that I like really Wear pajamas I like the gore made pigs in a blanket. -- You wanna talk about first world problems -- there. Look -- simple regular hot enough he dryers beats by Gervais Fox's X I have a it's also amazing. Act -- had just can't pay 300 dollars for had bronze and I do that use them every day five days a week on my ears that's my death are -- cheap ones I'm too cheap to pay -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And socket drank. I'm constantly buying earbuds and it breaks my heart to pay ten marks form. Because I'm constantly losing out they get tangled again it kinda -- -- guiding him climb the. I just as they get him caught in the elliptical from Oprah's favorite things I wish. All right let's say you got two incidents slowing you down just a little bit coming here in on 35 for 35 to 67 north and you look and about six minutes and holding -- and I 3572435. Thinking about four minutes. Other than man only -- out -- CB. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't see I'm a Mac has amassed frozen that's your bus traffic I. We had a crazy coming until eight or are you know him better as boom boom guy from the boom boom room boom boom couple. I was out all over to area yesterday. So find out who went down signs they were having sex -- apparently allegedly -- the boom boom room. Or at jayhawk Kirk. The hop doc they were a couple. Had public sex photographed and then it hit the inner webs I mean and they learn. I think in case you legends I think he's sorry -- I agree I don't I think it's. The future down south we -- -- who is James Dolan mark him on the phone we got four minutes and drank four minutes a drag. We certainly do it's been in the minutes. Right and the -- Knows what's. No yeah. Dr. -- still. On the minds for some reason that -- may -- some crazy. Our aggregate Oprah gives me out to maybe some doctoring Dr. Dre now we're talking about the beats. Andy Dillon the boom boom diary -- that do -- and down without further ado please welcome the program dill lane or you know and as one half of that hashed and boom boom couple. Dealing good morning. Pay your glory right -- I'm. I'm just pretty good radio -- You know I got tired so look at. Sure sure. I appreciate you coming up -- -- -- Arabs and what it. -- they'll. Yesterday I'm Twitter I think I'm probably a little late to the party to the boom boom couple party. A little bit out of a little Billy I don't know when everything hit the in -- things so I'm on there and -- see a picture which. We believe it to be you I don't know that it's you or not it's hard to prove. Yet while I'm helping you gave an amazing as. Is so you're not done. -- definitely there's a picture. A dying girl appears to be there having sex. Would it take it at all our panel. Isn't or it being. But -- are you know your -- It shouldn't. The pictures aren't receiving shouldn't. And I -- The worst part apart is that -- -- you're probably right there. -- into your hands were down around the bottom of your -- I can't tell your hands right around your ankle. Yeah -- well they -- that you belong to file like a window light. -- board minutes slug it out. Yeah that's all it takes many like -- how are you held its 24 minutes that's all it takes holiday down there. Our some chant yes series that lie -- down it looked -- it wasn't necessarily a good. I'm up forty or you're old and I mean. It has slowed it nice Larry you know use got a little future -- Should it yeah. Yeah. -- I wish I remember -- -- negative picture. Did cover curse. Active etc. so if you could do those you just tuning in if you haven't seen. I know I think some Moret back depleted it. A picture of Dylan and a girl. You guys were at the. Or I guess. The boom boom room -- I've never been let go boom boom gone a girl a. -- might have been a boom boom. Broom kind of girl back in the day I've never been to the boom boom room so. So -- -- here you know the girl right. Or obviously. I don't think I would be excluded constitute. Because you don't know -- guy's -- it you see here. You think she's hot do you remember anything. Like I remember like we're incident to develop against the wall and we shot it didn't -- We class teachers are naked -- opening. It's been a lot more a lot at stake out a lot -- -- You -- -- electorate we -- -- -- -- -- go on arms. That got back. You know that. Like -- hands I can't agree. Like the hands -- from Greece. You're young. Honesty any -- hand jive Jackson the hand gestures. 88888. Okay I I do you are master beating each other comedy explore. I thought about dating I want that great and Saturday. I understand how quicker action so that would explain why your hands off. That it actually lower your OKC accusers just photos -- who want have you guys standing. Up. Next to each other with you can't top. The important part of it like I'm an outfit like we're can't seem -- charter. And whatever and then I got it down because I got a little bit to -- it. Like. It is very bad and then people got -- -- you're in the lower spot in. Yes is that they saw me you know. Her aunt and great -- and the like literally like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm thinking please -- they match up meth act just I don't know it's not a done. I had to stop I -- we're diddley had to -- taped up I don't wait for -- I don't nonaligned 12 -- go anywhere we just need to ramp of the delay in ramp up my delay. So our target and down here as soon evolving by the way I don't know if you've heard this the language you slowly evolving he. And I was fascinated. Like everybody else I think as to why this became. I think right. You know and I think I got swept away in the boom boom couple things here. So many funny comments and -- so much going on and Twitter you know -- Twitter except nothing out of something right anyways sheer entertainment for hours last night so thank you don't Landon. And their pictures are priceless and I'm sure I've tweeted that we did tweet ever not I'll tweet them are re tweet them. -- you really don't see any day indeed for me there's just some side instead assigned to their side acids Dylan's. You out if she's fully dressed out. -- I -- curious if they had sex at all TO now Dylan is on line and he claims that it was just a little are -- well and grind. He's very good. I can't hearsay did not have sex. Correct. Why aren't there -- photos of this do you know who is taking the pictures. I honestly don't remember that the that are being taken it. Does it well I guess I mean. It set out in -- and orderly system Dr. Dre -- and. Yeah Buddy Guy the other -- does MIC made out would you then. Do we not had public sex mad -- yeah. Tell that I'll take this all tastes are about how I lost my virginity I have no idea who the girl was it was in and out foam party at my fraternity of players tonight. And we were on that Iran against four walked into his blond girl started -- her she said you wanna go upstairs I said sure we win a series and -- didn't upstairs it -- -- there therefore it is exe in the common room I just stay whopping 88 the cellphone -- around those photos of me would be either Dylan I did that man is nothing wrong with little bump and grind son. Now okay oh. Bob what about the they let you know about this stuff he got hurt today in -- mean. It probable -- no matter but I just want people in the you know you have strict there what some believe me some banks go on -- Should happen weird drop -- now like nobody else. -- and to lay down and line. That's OK it's not his fault and we should take it it's your eyes at me at that tape does it mean to know depending upon -- am I -- -- also three seconds yes. On and I got to wait for that delayed -- -- Bob sorry we stepped forty. -- this is ridiculous I have these are forty seconds is and you would still continue in a million -- or up to three San -- Dylan why are dying away from my delayed ramp up every time you swear. So. We're promised to pay it happens I understand that that's why I thought we should it taped just. But so -- that we could talk freely and everything so yeah you're trying to have -- grow which is nice and noble I suspect but I don't. I don't understand of people calling or -- I don't. Well I. Don't think it's necessary paper out of luck you'll all people should agree that -- yeah. People benefited probably amounts to rob. From this particular. A girl and nadir being gratuitous or not mergers or maybe she got up or she liked or whatever happened. Might thing is. Heidi did not know you were being photographed you must have just been lit. Well. -- -- -- look at what song was playing. Man honestly can't remember -- -- out all right. If I can track the whole picture a little the following are you. Doing on what you want. -- cool I start I. Over everybody got their pregame don't have her. I had I had got here COLT forty -- blasts. Me and my blade right let's get a seat before we get all why aren't. Gonna -- whatever it. I mean I'll walk -- I didn't putt -- is the -- -- all pop like a Marty. -- girl tell me why. You can't just not much at all anymore because it looked bad idea that the billboard because all the way through here. If so that would you're wearing a -- was a swimsuit. -- a -- -- -- -- already. See they just yes it is now did you take your pants down -- she take your pants on Gloria. Yes she if I remember correct me it was more along -- hurt. I don't know -- I didn't evening and then like I just saw your birthday at the girl literally probably. Two days before that that period Kagan. And I can't let that get what they're known as Sandra -- To make an ally as. And what payload and -- and now that didn't. We had a lot gain in the beginning -- That lies. I like I ask -- In my low that it -- gonna be so spiral like that they blew up a lot like JK that carry. -- It's everywhere. And everybody -- Is everywhere I'm hoping you get a -- Jacobs could cost. I -- -- look at is our. Oh boy yeah. That would that would make that probably. -- somewhat of a legend like it or not he's alleged and I wish everybody in the takes both of you guys are legend you have -- -- that's according to -- -- -- people like your ass. I like the latter half. This guy sounds a great time cup and let me do this sound like a good time done the marrying kind. Yeah I that's -- -- sounds like to me. So Dylan. I. Look I actually can let a lot of my friends -- the girl and I pattern number and I called there. And I got a sort of all it Dutch girl dish yeah that's got that going our intricate critic -- can try and source because she inched. Like it's got like you know. Saying that these you know obviously. He's giving a lot more negative stuff which I don't think its own right yet in the negative that you heard. -- -- boy. I am just started antiquated backwards and you know whatever the lesson or do you talk oh Ireland she -- That's yes it is that the double pay interest. And cute meg sure that you know what people they like all that they're like yeah we we didn't do that he short armed. Under dirt on me I mean there have been pretty much impossible but. Yes -- well if you well. Yeah. We are starting to Dylan he is half -- V. Hash tag boom boom coupled I was Oliver Twitter yesterday and it was a -- you guys work. It appeared to be that you're having sex at a bar at Lawrence is Dylan is going on a primary or photos he says this is not happen. Please do not talk to lady disrespectfully this is one night we all done it and I'll say we all about it as well yeah -- is doing Dylan is actually being a good guy great here. He's coming out he'd say look I did it -- BU is a good time. -- a good actors real nice yeah I don't know why would they -- potter. And get a deal like he did have sex I would say we can and I'll just. She used to Eisner isn't -- really nice do you deal didn't seem like good. I do you should be nice back jury is what I'm saying so people do I know your major Dylan what is your Manger. It actually and our that's this is the future of your financial industry ladies and gentlemen. It would. Now will you see her again. That the BM ER and I don't know how to -- -- -- entirely sure Alnylam okay her bleeds out on a proper date. I'm Mike -- Halladay you know the you know a great great great that many buyers to -- -- -- buying -- nice yeah maybe show. I mean I I do over some type of. -- all the Kobayashi. She got -- me out and that would. I think -- he -- offense is getting at here I think I know it's not inviting him to be -- Yeah Mondale you know I felt pretty -- -- -- more than -- -- -- -- -- our show and I handled it did tickets and we get at the official -- did you guys out making with the boom boom couples have the Christmas so sure that's exactly what she runs -- yeah I -- it. Thank you for providing hours of entertainment for me I was not only. Oh yeah hey you know. I mean I nobody else on the ordinary 100% I talked about earlier this morning bloody it was a -- plenty of things we are all here well here remember people are living vicariously through you good battery different. They either diet haven't done in a -- time or jealous never done it right one player now learn and now seems like a good time is had -- -- -- others say golf but you know have the people -- didn't -- he had asked on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- action cop seemed. Appropriate. Beavers to what's his name and assigned. Fever for the -- even for the flavor and before that it was far. Covering. -- you lines only acts out there haven't. And if you curious we have been playing the bank of -- mornings will. We -- -- and I and now literally I was you know. I was entertained and I was interested in something for a couple of hours that may be happy and -- and I hope nobody feels bad about it now I feel bad for the grow up front feels bad about you don't show that it shouldn't you shouldn't I set myself I mean I did that if there were camera phones around when I did that I did it kill everybody does it everybody's I. Something that they -- in public some sort of sex. Just -- right ever five cents accent and -- despite I think. It happened let's make her feel normal because I don't want it they are the thing is you don't normally. Or sometimes you do get photos taken. But they usually -- with your consent yes. But that I'm curious if you are having sex in public or some variation. How -- appears to be. He now. Dylan doesn't have sex you wanna believe them. Don't I believe and I think -- I don't believe I like deal. I like -- there I mean pat on the back -- even remember a lot to me ever had sex but he's what he's doing is he's doing a good guy -- he's been a good guy. Exactly he's -- a good guy he's been seeing a guy yet he should be a good guy party animal but you know what -- you're good guy. Think. If further as you and don't know what we're talking about yeah. We had Dylan on him and he was online yesterday and them and another girl. They were having sex in public or. I think what are doing after the photo appeared to be driver error and there was this all over online yesterday -- Everybody was talking about and it turned out to be like the boom boom couple has -- boom -- cup ball. An area -- are down by the boom room coupled boom boom guy boom boom girl boom boom room. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom everywhere. I delete them. Let a bad as everybody's add sex somewhere in Braintree abilities blow -- -- Carl and I think and the idea that guacamole girl let's -- in the context of sex that's very deserving. Well I am add an extra market when it. I -- my equipment that I am an -- that click on the altar in actually congregation around. People yeah. I think in the end they weren't in the room. They had had a good lock them at any time and that I actually deer can't fully yet different type in the back of it church and on the -- gold. And then there are people everywhere should. How you doing what's your name well now wait common name when you gonna come hang out. Market -- guacamole -- you're in the. And yeah I am yeah arraignment ended happily married third party anymore it's a good girl out. I got to Abdullah and you want to appoint we -- is you and I did you publish it -- spirit -- -- you're on fire to burn Christ altar she desecrated crisis. Yeah yeah we -- to play -- that you and I. That's an elegant sitting down sitting down exceed. So she shouldn't feel they know it took a photo of you so much could've easily photographed GO being gratuitous of Jesus did in the Matt. I don't know twenty except camera or actually around. Yeah actually I -- in my hand them at first actually -- it actually happened to be. Well. They count me out the back outside I have a church ones I was imagery of the matter is what I carry them sex. I yeah I don't see it am -- gonna take is seeing LO OK I'm looking hissy hits a polite or every app yet. I'm okay we're seeing is -- -- block -- Molly are also. Tell you it was hard to answer to keep at a church. -- this was it in the back of a buzz sir Beckham it was a back in the band church fan. She said she also gay Shia aspects on the altar and then also was gratuitous in the back of the church and with people everywhere states that she might -- -- aren't playing. Two. Like some sort of the church events and I don't know what do people in church goers go Rijndael mark is a church yard. Yeah and wait that's why it'd church but as we created -- can agree on C. To camp may be a concert. Leg you gonna see Michael W. Smith Diaz pileup near panic came. Relying care Michael -- cement reluctant -- -- and being like chemistry. Is that Michael walking in Memphis is that Michael no that's not -- -- Michael the obvious messiah I love it well our god is not the car got his and I -- -- -- better. I don't know I don't know by him that's not an original that's every neighbors. I don't know very nicely that a gal like and that's the only Michael buddies messiah and now did the friends of friends forever. I don't know that I just now our god is an awesome god from -- he -- from Hammond. It's the -- -- get to the. Is it -- Found him. My man. Guys and girls is underneath. Hello the bags. Penny. Imported and you are worried about a minute and very. And that's the highest Lance has an -- that was -- -- and very funny very very funny I'm so sorry hello. And an. Ordinary -- out there and chick. Bad. It probably why you're regular there are way I haven't been back in the boom boom room that night but. Hey don't let the drunken night in my ally and they had -- really crappy Trenton -- I it was pretty late hidden base -- all these indeed are all week all over any other probably aimed at making our way. I am reporting. He had I don't remember being out of it but they altered pictures. You can't section those guys did you don't. You wouldn't. And then you're probably or England or are absolutely their appeal a lot worse things going on it's it's shirts there's worse things going on. Did Betty getting. I don't -- And he really did -- there's really you need to get there are really bad. All right very like and enjoy an endorsement for -- boom boom room. Ari thank you so much. That's great did you scream. Mark CNN sex mark I pastor she had a game being human talent. Yeah yeah I what they'll hate to see this issue. The so yes you did that would be yes. Can we please go back to Michael W. Smith. Michael W. Smith day I got your back in care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He was at the. Nice. Like to teach young like the top there I don't think that hit that high you know he chain's pension their argument that chorus for me AAF. -- guy at any chance they get to play Michael W. Smith you know I well I'll see you warned that it now I would now. According -- this show may cause paranoia that. Oh that benefit but it's. It's. -- -- -- Grander BJ's idea exerted 96 by the -- is -- such -- big -- morning I -- Arab comment Imus violated offense are doing stuff copiers are about to have the police he would -- -- Let's wrap this up. Here are eight yen and its 10 o'clock also thanks to -- out for being on the program and be an overall nice guy. And pretty nice to me in Davis CC an excuse to play ponying products and -- bumping Brian back. Boom boom boom. Dylan was the boom boom guy in the boom boom couple that's been all over the Internet -- for empty of. Anyway. Thanks in hand and then coming up in a few minutes the are on -- for all of the ninth about stole Christmas is in your interest and sugary nights December 14 fifteenth and sixteenth Flogging Molly Nightline along with the dirty had easy warden more nice -- of monsters and men. Group love I believe is a headliner group -- monsters and mentor formidable and more. And that no. And then in 93. Is. Passion -- right. All JA -- fire and church helped spread and more even -- so -- deals available -- -- -- by -- can't even get the tickets online. Or you can get him at the -- -- box office to avoid the Ticketmaster charges these are all ages show Leo. Some a short time doors are not sure but state about information means available and I six -- events -- -- -- -- Her -- is up next have a great weekend and I we'll talk to you soon. How well that's that the and I don't think I'll write and add.

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